Jeany Milton

Vinyasa- is a Sanskrit word which means to place your hands your feet and your body [Nyasa] in an individualised special way and to move with intention that works for you in conjunction with your breathe.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a style of yoga where yoga ASANAS or postures are linked with the breath. It is a very dynamic type of yoga, wherein you systematically flow from one movement to the next fluidly taking one breath in one posture and exhaling to the next posture. Through this flow we embody the goal of yoga sutras which is to still the changing states and gross patterns of the mind.

Jeany Milton uses her unique experience as a qualified physiotherapist and yoga teacher and mother to a child with special needs to bring her students into a profound and meaningful experience with their own bodies. Jen has a deep interest in the gentle but powerful gifts Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow can unlock and how by aligning body mind and spirit, one can feel more alive and connected each day.

Jeany’s desire is for her students to heal in a nurturing space using movement and breath work. In Jeany’s own experience as a working mother of three she has found that yoga has taught her resilience and creative ways to approach life’s challenges. She would say that she has found that Yoga has brought about fundamental positive changes to her life and to those she loves the most. Jeany is also certified to teach children’s Yoga.

We are excited to share this special space with you and support you on your healing journey.


Can’t wait to see you on the mat.