Healing Circle

Healing Circle

Healing Circle

Where: Online
Date: Friday 4th September 2020
Time: 7.30pm – 9.00pm


Cost: €85 for 6 weeks


“When you come to innocent, unconditioned listening,  your body goes spontaneously into deep peace.”
Jean Klein

Meditation 6 week Course

This course will focus on relieving stress and anxiety from your daily life.


Anxiety is said to affect at least 1 in 6 people, and possibly higher considering those suffering in silence and not seeking help.


Prolonged stress and anxiety has a strong effect physiologically. It speeds up your body to prepare for the fight or flight. It’s directly related to your nervous system, or more specifically your sympathetic nervous system. So you’re holding a high level of tension in your body. This prolonged tension has a massive negative impact on our state of mind, bringing an imbalance to our whole body.


Holding this level of tension in your body has a direct impact on those around you, especially your family. You may find yourself lashing out, reacting in anger and feeling bad about it after. I know for me, one of the biggest positive changes of having a meditation practice, is being able to let go of my tension before I start my day. I set myself up in an empowered way that feels much more focused and with a clear mind. I feel I can bring my best self to meet my needs and those of my family.

The practice of Kundalini yoga works directly with the nervous system and glandular system which activates the release of endorphins – this automatically helps to transform the tension caused by anxiety, bringing you naturally into a state of calm.


This 6 week course will offer an opportunity for you to experience the practice of Kundalini Yoga teachings and meditations which have had a powerful positive effect in transforming my own experiences of anxiety, depression and stress.


These meditations can help you release conscious and subconscious fears that are very often the underlying causes of stress, worry and anxiety.


I will offer suggestions for your own daily practice to help restore balance in your life.


We will chant a tune-in mantra, practice some gentle warm-ups and practice a specific meditation with a relaxation to allow the effects of the meditation deeply integrate.


You do not need any previous experience. Just come with an open mind and a willingness to transform.


Make your commitment to step into your authentic self with a sense of calm and balance.


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” —Anais Nin 


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I can’t wait to see you –

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When we meditate for 31 minutes our glands, lungs, blood pressure and both sides of our mind sync together. It positively affects all the cells of the body and helps to clear our subconscious mind. 



Meditation has been proven to:

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Decrease insomnia
  • Decrease anxiety / depression
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • increase calmness
  • improve memory and focus
  • increase consciousness
  • allows you to move into a space of deep listening

“I absolutely love Lisa’s yoga classes.  She is a truly wonderful teacher with a beautiful gentle energy that touches something deep inside her students.  I particularly love the stretching, the breathwork and the way she helps us connect with our spiritual core.  I heartily recommend her classes to anyone seeking powerful personal transformation – both physically and as a way of raising spiritual consciousness.”
Anne Sweeney