New Book

I have recently published my first book ‘Reclaiming the Wounded Soul’. 

This is my own story of how I transformed the challenges of a traumatic birth experience with a spirit of resilience, forgiveness and gratitude.


It was a real challenge to write this, not only as a first book but to speak about the trauma that had turned my world upside down. 


My reason for writing it was born from the many conversations that I’ve had with my friends and students, I spoke with so many women that have suffered through their own lifes challenges and are struggling with anxiety and stress.

I discovered so much in my own healing that I felt compelled to share my experiences in the hope that they could help and support you.


It’s available now from Amazon 
CLICK HERE to get your copy.


I’d love if you could buy and leave a review – and send me an email to let me know you’re story.


Here are some of the reviews:

Honestly & beautifully told – the true story of a woman who finds her path back to wellness after a shocking hospital experience – M.H.
Hooked from the first page – M.McL
The moving story of a journey from trauma to wellness – R.T.
A powerful, beautifully written, intimate story! – M.M.